Echo Of Soul – PVP Battlefield Step By Step

Echo Of Soul – PVP 15 Vs 15 – Mettle’s Theater Battlefield
Enter Mettle’s Theater and race to be the first team to score 10,000 points! Spread your forces around the battlefield to capture the five towers which steadily earn points for your team. Don’t forget to send a strike force to kill the neutral NPC for bonus points!

Here is step by step Battlefield :

1. How to Enter the Battlefield
– Level up your character until you get level 10
– Then Press Alt+Q and join Random battlefield

2. How To get Kill Point
– You will get 5 battlefield point for every opponent player you’ve killed.
– It’s simple just do last hit,and you will get kill point.

3. How To Get Battlefield Base Captured Point.
– You’ll get 8 battlefield point for every base you captured.

4. How To Get Assist Point.
– Hit your opponent, if you don’t get the last hit you will get assist point.
– You will get 2 battlefield points every assist you’ve done.

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