Echo Of Soul – How to make money for a beginners

Hello everyone,today I would like to share about how to make money/gold (farming item) for a beginners. Collecting Essence Of Courage from Valhalla ( Teleport from Ignea ). Be careful Valhalla is very dangerous place,you can be killed by other player.

But there is no pain no gain. I usually get 100-200 essence of courage in 1 hour. It is about 50-120 gold, depend on your luck. I using my low level character (lv 12 in that video). Focus to collecting and ignoring player who killed our character. Have fun and enjoy it.

Here is the preparations :
1. Join or create a guild
2. Your level is free
3. You must have a s
trong mental,because it is PK area.
4. Signed in into Valhalla fields at 12.00 or 21.00 aeria server times.
5. Happy dragging/collecting.


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