Echo Of Soul – How To get Free Magic Lamp From Quest

Hello everyone, want a free lamp? Here is step by step quest to get one free Magic Lamp. You must finished several quest to get the magic lamp as your reward.
Here they are :


1.Roaring good time from the ecologist Raphael.
– Kill the wild beast Sicillua Posison Raptor King.
2.Count by number from Quiran The Chief Guard.
– Go patrol to the destination area.
3.The next quest is from Quiran again.
– Kill 5 east beriac regullar,
– Kill 5 east beriac thief,
– Kill Commander Tass.

4.The next quest is Loss of a hero from Merrilyn the soulkeeper.
– Collet 10 Deatstalker’s Blood
5.Talk to Milicent the Jeweller.
– Collect 10 Brablin’s Blood.
6.The next quest is from Darhain the soul expert.
– Collect 10 Motroll’s souls.
7. Now is the final quest. Talk to Merilyn and get The Soul of arogance quest.
– Find the soul of arogance.




You need about 20-30 minutes to finished this quest.

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