Echo Of Soul – Duelist PvE Single-Target killer

Hello everyone this is Duelist PvE Single-Target killer. This guide originally made by Yohan Susanto .

Duelist PvE Single-Target killer.
Build preached create beat the boss, so the skill of those skills not so important as stunning strike is not needed
1.Furious Strike -> Lethal Blow, less stamina usage, damage under the combo Slashing Storm -> Endless Edge but cooldown much faster, resulting in a 10 second pause, Furious Strike will result in more damage than the combo SS -> EE
2.Thunderstruck, to fast-approach after avoiding a mechanic, and also to facilitate the triggering Covert Assault
3.Onslaught + Exploit Weakness will be Perma-buff because the canal will be activated continuously, for a total of + 15% Attack
4.Killer Instinct makes it easy to do when the HP boss CRIT below 30%
5.Ruthless / Fatal Awakening may be selected, for low-geared alias +5 to +7 onyx, Ruthless preferably, if Onyx reaches +9 or +10, preferably Fatal Awakening
6.Assasin Shadow uses 3 Critical stack aim, with a very nice effect when combined with red soul (Courage), and the CD is very low (20 second)

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