Echo of Soul – 5 tips to make your character stronger

Echo of Soul – 5 tips to make your character stronger.
Hello everyone today i would like to share five little tips for you. I hope this brief tips helpful.Enjoy it

1. Reach maximum level 60
2. Use equip appropriate to the situation. Use PVE equipment to hunt monsters and use PVP equipment to fight in the battlefield or valhallafield
3. Add lucid jewel into your equipment. I recommend to add at least lucid jewel grade 5 into your equipment

4. Learn and look at every skill possessed by your character. If you opt for a more PvE then select the one skill that relates to PvE. Or if you prefer pvp, take the one skill that supports your character in pvp.
5. And the main thing is learn by doing and experience is the best teacher.

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