Echo Of Soul 4 Month Impression

Echo of Soul 4 Month Game Impression by Oza De Hasza

– Customer service is very active, both in support, or Facebook / Email / etc
– Difficult Dungeon, Hard to beat with low gear, difficult but challenging
– Continous event, and there event² calendar, so it is not hard to check when the event.
– The presence of DPS Meter in the game, without having to download the addon again like other game2, and there are in town for training dummy dps.
– Typical asian games, very steady for the anime 3d image lover.
– Nice skill animation

– Levellng option,PVE or PvP,or both of them.
– The quest skipper. You can go to your quest that appropiate with your level.
– There are 5 types of professions in the game that can explore one by one
– No equipment enchantment,but stone enchantment.
– There is a Jack of all trade items, which make you can freely turn into a tank so dps or PvE so pleased pvp etc.
– Automatic stat.
– Party Dungeon / PVP can be coincided with the people in the shard / another server.
– If you do solo / duet in dungoen queue, you will get a nice package than premade party (party formed directly 5 people), damage 20% + 100% gold etc.
– Can be directly Record Game without the use of other software.
– Job 2 starts from lvl 10 . and do not need to change job every quest, just click, and you change.
– The Threat system, DPS rotation
– There Soulbound system can’t trade some rare equipment.
– The system interrupt the cast, knock back, silence, stun, debuff system, and cleanse
– Permanent mount.
– Different equipment appearance.
– Pet giving more bags / and cute pet.
– War have penalty kill.
– The existence of a guild alliance system.
– Costumes in the game (Aeria only) no stat just for style.
– The guild system Hostile and there is also a system guild peace.
– Download client only 3-4 GB although after the extract into 9GB
– The existence Solo dungeon to get stuck.
– The arena tasty 5vs50.echo of soul 1
– Game type lock and hit, many people who have started to dislike this type
– Gender lock
– When issued a skill, you can not move, depending on the length of animation skill, can only be canceled by rolling / teleport
– No healer in this game, once i want to see something new. But instead happens is more simple than the healer only use pots and scroll (gold again and again), the price of pot and scroll healing at lvl stuck counted too expensive (except for the farmer and the user money)
– The rich win in this game just rocks +10. purchase price, and item cash shop such as bless levina etc. Pay2win types game.
– Rotation dps is not as difficult as other game.
– Skill not too complicated, simple. For some circles has become a pro is not con
– Small bag
– Banned IP for Indonesia for eos Aeria, but bypassnya too easy, security is less stringentecho-of-soul
– PvP Map only 2.
– RThe Raid rely on high dps, dps average height obtained from the high stone. Money is everything.
– Open the folder itself is not too big and many are in re-re or behind the back, and move folders teleport teleport system
– Pet Spanning, nothing is permanent
– Too simple war.
– Leveling from lvl 0 to 60 only took approximately 48 hours nonstop without bless levina
– Guide in the early game is not too obvious.For beginer new RPG game play will feel strange
– The number of Plagiarism game2.
– Endgame dungeon contentnya only tier, Valhalla pvp, arena, and the raid. Thats it. That makes a community. survive only if there is Kirito, he will be misguided here.
– No Guild House, and guild members limit a little. guild lvl 5 was only accommodate 100 people.
– The percentage you go and finished raid 100x and you can not stuff.
– The Kick system in party.
– Dungoen limitation

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